CF Communications is a Content Marketing Agency with clients in South Africa and the UAE. We offer Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Community Management services. Our role is to develop, implement and manage a content marketing plan, focusing on the development of brand awareness and online reputation as well as content creation and management. We create conversations and can build and manage a sustainable community of brand ambassadors.

We also offer writing services and can create meaningful and engaging content for blogs, magazines and other publications.

Meet the team

Cathlen Fourie
Chief Content Creator
Nadia van den Heever
Video Editor

TV interview tips

As the company media spokesperson it is likely that you will be invited to participate in a live in-studio tv interview. It is after all one of the goals we aim to achieve when pitching a story to a producer! We do however understand that being comfortable in such a scenario does not come naturally to everyone. For that reason...
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Clients – Past and Present